Instructional Design and Learning Experience Development

With over a decade of experience in the E-Learning industry, I specialize in delivering robust learning solutions that generate tangible and measurable outcomes.

Dana Cannam

Recent Work

Instructional Design

Are you seeking assistance with creating training in:

 - Skill Assessment and Analysis

 - Security and Privacy compliance

 - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

 - Leadership Development

I'll approach your project with a strategic mindset to drive optimal results in instructional design for your organization. More…

Dana Cannam

Learning Experience Development

I’ll develop engaging and effective learning experiences that consider the needs and preferences of learners. This involves integrating instructional design and user experience to optimize the overall learning journey. More…

Dana Cannam

Corporate Technology

Finally, I’ll leverage the latest in HR technologies to deliver tailored and effective learning solutions. Elevate your workforce with innovative
approaches that ensure continuous growth and skill enhancement. More...

Dana Cannam

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Dana Cannam