About Me

As a Learning Solutions Architect I love developing learning solutions. My LinkedIn bio currently states, “I help companies create robust learning solutions that impact organizational growth and empower those passionate about professional development.” This is true, but there is so much more…

Product Development

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work abroad and spent nearly a decade in the Netherlands as a product developer, designing physical and digital products for various international brands.

Educational Technology Startup

As someone with a background in developing award-winning products and education in sustainable design, I felt a strong desire to give back. This led me to create Qmod, an educational platform aimed at teaching children about sustainable energy. Through the experience of founding a start-up in the education sector, we worked hard and were successful in securing close to $1 million in funding. As a result, we were able to develop products for prestigious clients such as the Science Museum in London, the Port of Rotterdam, E.ON (a German utility company), and multiple educational institutions in Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

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Corporate Learning and Development

Currently I specialize in corporate training evaluation and development with experience in delivering large scale solutions impacting 800+ employees across multiple Canadian organizations. A large part of my work focuses benchmarking training initiatives through data analysis, and working with leadership to communicate learning data with the desired result of facilitating robust educational policies that deliver real learning and development impact.

Recent projects I’ve worked on include the development of a new hire onboarding portal, with the design and development of a WordPress multisite, added features of gamification for real-time user feedback, and the integration of Azure Active Directory for the purposes of employee single sign-on capabilities. I’ve also been responsible for developing the organizational learning portal providing managers and employees quick and easy access to learning materials and reporting data from our LMS. This included analyzing current organizational learning metrics, implementing an effective marketing and communications plan, and creation of learning assets delivered through a SharePoint site and Yammer social community. The community now boasts over 400 active employees today.