About Me

As a perpetual learner, my journey in the professional realm has been intricately woven with the fabric of continuous learning. Throughout my career, I have passionately crafted solutions that revolve around enhancing the human experience.

Over the years, I’ve established ventures centered on the pursuit of knowledge, guiding students and professionals alike. Importantly, my most profound lessons have come from the invaluable experiences of learning from others.

As a learning architect, I bring a unique blend of expertise in instructional design, learning experience development, and technology integration. My academic foundation includes a Master’s in Human-Centered Design, where I honed my skills in user research and data analysis to pinpoint the specific needs of employees. With a rich background as both a leader in Learning & Development and a university instructor of User Experience, I’ve seamlessly merged theoretical knowledge with practical instructional design experience. Additionally, my leadership role in an educational technology company has further fueled my passion for innovative approaches to learning. Welcome to my portfolio, where I showcase the intersection of pedagogy, technology, and human-centric design in creating impactful learning experiences.

Corporate Instructional Design

In my corporate Learning and Development journey, I’ve had the privilege of leading initiatives that empower teams through effective training strategies. As a seasoned professional in this field, I’ve crafted and implemented instructional design solutions that not only align with organizational goals but also resonate with diverse learners. Whether navigating the dynamic landscape of employee onboarding or enhancing skills through targeted development programs, my commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning remains unwavering. My hands-on experience extends beyond the classroom, encompassing a strategic blend of technology and pedagogy to elevate the learning experience within corporate settings.

Corporate Learning Experience Development

I’ve led L&D teams through the entire product life-cycle on a diverse range of corporate learning solutions, including a new hire onboarding portal, with the design and development of a WordPress multisite, added features of gamification for real-time user feedback, and the integration of Azure Active Directory for the purposes of employee single sign-on capabilities.

I’ve also had the experience of developing an organizational Capability Academy, providing managers and employees quick and easy access to updated learning materials around business-specific skills. This included analyzing current organizational learning metrics, implementing an effective marketing and communications plan, and creation of learning assets delivered through a SharePoint site and Yammer social community.

Corporate Technology

In the realm of Learning Technology, I excel in leveraging cutting-edge tools and methodologies to elevate instructional design and shape impactful learning experiences. My proficiency extends to the realm of web-based Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) learning solutions, where I have skillfully integrated immersive technologies to enhance engagement and knowledge retention. I am adept at harnessing the potential of cloud-based learning solutions, ensuring seamless access to educational resources and fostering collaborative learning environments. My expertise encompasses the development of comprehensive frameworks for training and development, spanning the entire spectrum from onboarding initiatives to ongoing training programs, and from leadership development to succession planning. By seamlessly integrating innovative learning technologies into these frameworks, I strive to create dynamic and effective learning experiences that resonate with diverse audiences, fostering continuous growth and development.

Educational Technology

With a foundation in crafting award-winning products and a background in sustainable design education, I was driven by a compelling desire to contribute meaningfully. This inspiration culminated in the creation of Qmod, an educational platform dedicated to imparting knowledge about sustainable energy to children. Steering a startup venture in the education sector demanded relentless effort, leading to the successful acquisition of nearly $1 million in funding. This financial support empowered us to develop innovative products for esteemed clients, including the Science Museum in London, the Port of Rotterdam, E.ON (a prominent German utility company), and numerous educational institutions spanning Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. More…

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